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Welcome to the mistrrious world of the simmetric encryptment. Whatever is the reason that brought you here, we support you…

The simetric encryptment is a mathematic operation that codifies a normal text in a encrypted one, using a password know just (hopefully) by the writer and the readers of the encrypted text; who don’t know the password will have (a lot of ) trouble to understand it.

Look how to get your privacy back:


  • enter in the site: [https//]
  • click on: “attrezzi”
  • click on: “crittatore simmetrico client-side per testo”. You can also use strange symbols and spaces.
  • Invent a key word and put it where it says: “chiave”
  • Write down (or paste) your text in the green space where it says: “testo in chiaro”
  • Encrypt your text clicking on: “ critta”
  • Your encrypted text will appear in the pink space
  • Copy the encrypted text and send it from your usual mail address
  • Don’t communicate to the addressee the key work in the encrypted mail (of course, you’re not an asshole..). The best it would be to tell it before and personally. If you can’t, use any method of asimetric encrypting (don’t ask more), or figure out something known by the two (like your favorite pizza)


  • to decrypt a mail, copy the text you received
  • enter the site:
  • click on: “attrezzi”
  • cilck on: “crittatore simmetrico client-side per testo”
  • paste the encrypted textin the pink space in: “testo crittato”
  • put en “chiave” your key word
  • click on: “decritta”
  • in the green space you will read your decrypted text